Rainy Day Activities


Maggie Back, Staff Writer

The common expression “April showers bring May flowers” holds the promise of beautiful flowers after this wet month, but while we wait for those said May flowers, we can take advantage of the calm rainy days to spend time on new hobbies and activities. If you find yourself looking for a rainy-day activity here are some ideas below: 

Create a playlist/music: 

Creating a perfectly tailored playlist to how you feel sets the whole mood of your day. Take the time to craft a playlist of your favorite songs into a perfect mix to set the vibe of your day. If you need a start, Spotify is an easy and convenient app that gives you the opportunity to create or choose from its variety of playlists. 

Baking/ Cooking: 

Easter is a great opportunity to create delicious foods for you and your family. A rainy day gives you plenty of time to try a new recipe or create your own. If you love certain foods from a chain brand or restaurant, try looking up copycat recipes and recreate your favorite brands to save money and cook at home. For sweets, BJ’s restaurant  “pazookies” and Auntie Anne’s pretzels have copycat recipes that are incredible. For salty, the brand cheezit and Olive Garden bread sticks sound delicious. There are so many recipes to try during your time inside. 

Tv shows + Movies: 

Take this time to take a break and Netflix and chill. Movie marathons with friends or family are relaxing and quality bonding time. Star Wars, Marvel, and the Hunger Games are some classic, binge-able movies. A good show and movie paired with some popcorn is perfect for a day in. 


Exercise your mind with a good book. Books are an opportunity for learning new ideas and concepts. Some books enable the reader to emerge into a different reality of fantasy or mystery. Visit the NDP library and browse the wide range of options they offer. 


As a hard-working student, self-care and time to focus on yourself are detrimental to your work. Consider using a rainy day to focus on your well-being with a spa day. Pamper yourself with a manicure, facemask, or bath bomb. Meditation is another form of self-care to reflect upon the busyness of life. This is a perfect time to slow down and focus on your wellbeing. 


If you are feeling productive, consider cleaning or organizing. A clear and clean space is the first step to a clear and focused mind. Declutter your folders and binders for a fresh start to quarter 4. Having a sense of organization can reduce stress and improve mental clarity. 

These suggestions are only a few ideas to make the most of a rainy day! While we wait for May flowers, enjoy April showers since they bring us hours. Hours of time inside to try something new or spend it on yourself.