Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Sarah Herron, Staff Writer

Stocking stuffers are a great addition to Christmas and to check off those little wish list gifts. The feeling of hanging your stockings and decorating your house for Christmas brings great joy to yourself and your loved ones, and getting them little goodies for their own personal stockings elevates that feeling even more. 

  • Candy

Any type of candy will do, whether its wrapped, unwrapped, small, or big; just get any candy that you think your loved one will like. For example, Reese’s Pieces, Lifesaver gummies, Hershey’s Kisses, peanut butter cups, Jolly Ranchers, gum, etc. 

  • Chapstick

Personally I enjoy EOS or Burt’s Bees, which come in lots of flavors/scents like toasted marshmallow, mint, vanilla bean, cucumber mint, pear & coconut, mint cocoa, and more. They even come in Organic, Natural, Crystal Clear, tinted balm, lip oils, Rescue Balm, and, of course, classic. 

  • Beauty

Some of my favorite hobbies are self-care: taking a bath, painting my nails, doing a face mask, or taking a long shower. Relieving stress and self-care is a necessity for a happy, healthy life, so consider getting one of these: bath bombs, makeup, nail polish, nail tools, face masks, depuff roller, gua sha stone, essential oils, perfume, sugar scrubs, serums, creams, toners, and more. 

  •  Accessories

Here are some ideas if your family members like beauty of luxury items: watches, hair clips, headbands, claw clips, earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, new wallets, glasses/sunglasses, scrunchies, hair ties, winter gloves, ties, perfume, cologne, socks, baseball caps/wool hats, and bracelets. 

  • Technology and Tools

Most technology you cannot fit into a sock but here are some small gifts to give to your tech loving friends. You can give them an Apple air tag, screwdrivers, Bluetooth ear buds, new phone, Nintendo switch (or any gaming device), pop socket or phone holder, or camera.

Stocking stuffers are a great addition to Christmas, and they add a great sentimental touch to one of our favorite holidays of the year. These items are full of holiday cheer and become an essential part of Christmas. Remember, it is good to receive but better to give.