National Garden Month: Gardening Tips!

Katie Wehberg, Staff Writer

Happy National Garden Month! Have you ever desired to start your own garden but did not know exactly how to? Are you a gardener looking for some additional tips? Are you interested in learning about how you can better your garden? Well, you have come to the right place! Here are five gardening tips in honor of National Garden Month:

  1. Choose the right manure:

Fresh manure can be harmful for plants, and manure from the wrong animals can be harmful to humans. You should never use manure from pigs, cats, or dogs, and you should only use rotted manure.

  1. Controlling weeds:

This is crucial for all gardens! Two ways you can minimize the number of weeds you have are by weeding or hoeing.

  1. Leaves:

When fall comes, do not be so quick to grab your rake and get rid of the leaves! You can use leaves to nourish your lawn!

  1. Placement:

Be strategic with where you place your garden. Be sure that it is in a place with a competent amount of sunlight.

  1. Plants:

If you are a beginner, choose easier plants for yourself! Some examples of good beginner plants are cucumbers, pumpkins, peas, and beans.

Happy Gardening!


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