Spring Season Activities

Heather Meeder, Staff Writer

Flowers are blooming, the weather is changing, and colors arise! When you hear this statement, what do you think of? That’s right, Spring! Spring is a great time for being outside and enjoying the fresh air! Here are some ideas for some springy and fun activities coming up!

First, the spring season is known for concerts! Concerts are a great way to connect with friends, to listen to great music, and to enjoy the outdoors!

Another fun activity is to go on a picnic with your friends. Picnics are a great way to spend your day outdoors. All of your friends can bring some sort of food for the picnic, and you can all enjoy it together at a park or in your friend’s backyard! Try this fun idea out. I’m sure it will become a spring tradition with your friends.

Another fun spring activity is to go to a trail for some quality fun leisurely walking in the sun! I love to go on a nice walk on the NCR trail and love to take a walk with my dog! The trail is a nice idea to be in nature and in the springtime weather because it isn’t too humid or hot out!

Another activity associated with spring is going to your local snowball stand, Rita’s, or frozen yogurt shop with your friends! This is a popular activity for all and is a great refresher for after school in the mild temperatures!

Lastly, an activity I recommend for this spring is going to a local fair or festival! There are many church fairs and festivals that happen in the spring that are so much fun! Nothing is like a nice day, with some cotton candy and a day with your friends on the Ferris wheel or the swings!

I hope a few of these ideas have inspired you to go outside and enjoy the lovely spring temperatures! I hope you initiate a time with your friends to go outside in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of spring! Appreciate spring, for the muggy hot summer days are soon approaching!