Weather Snow or Icy Rain, it’s Winter (for a little while longer)!

Anna Zittle, Staff Writer

Winter is coming to a close, and despite the many predictions of massive snow storms and days being spent sliding down snow-covered hills, the weather this winter has stumped many a forecaster.  We have had a couple days off and many delays, but more for icy conditions over anything more favorable.  Still, even though the winter wonderland everyone was so blissfully dreaming of hasn’t come just yet, there are still a few chances left for some snow to come.  And despite the slippery but wet conditions outside, surely some have found something to do during these days off.  Personally, I have been reading and catching up on TV shows, and also playing some music.  On the snowier days, shoveling the driveway has also been a pastime.  The important thing to remember is that at least we have the day off to relax and catch up on some sleep!  Hopefully, we at least get a fairly nice snow before winter blows away, and maybe get a day or two off.  Whether you enjoy the cold or just want it to be summer, may the few days of winter that are left be spent in good company and stress free!