Tips for a Good Interview

Christina Dojan, News Editor

It’s never too early to start thinking about those college interviews.  Here are some great tips for having a successful interview, whether it is for college or a job.

1. Be knowledgeable about what you’re interviewing for.

Do your research beforehand.  If you’re interviewing at a school, check out the school first; read about it online and peruse some brochures or pamphlets. If you’re going for a job interview, make sure you know exactly what the job entails.  This helps make a good impression and helps show that you really do care and want to be there.

2. Dress appropriately.

Dress nicely, but not over the top.  Limit the amount of jewelry, accessories, make-up and perfume.

3. Practice makes perfect.

Try answering practice interview questions either in front of a mirror or someone you trust.  This will help you be more comfortable during your interview.  Just be careful to not prepare a whole speech; you want to sound like yourself!

4. Remember to relax.

Interviews are nothing more than a conversation.  Your interviewer just wants to get to know you to see if you would be a good fit for whatever you are interviewing for.

5. Use good manners.

Remember to shake hands, don’t sit until invited, use eye contact, introduce your parents if they are with you and say thank you after the interview is over.  A little good manners can go a long way.