Prayer Service on Stress by Jenny Schindler and Taylor Nantz

This is a prayer service written by Jenny Schindler and Taylor Nantz that was created to try to eliminate daily stress and provide more time for personal indulgence. Even though school is full of stress and work, it is important to remember to take time for yourself and do activities that you enjoy. Take twenty minutes to do this prayer service and refresh yourself to wash away the stress!


  1. “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer
  2. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  3. “(Get a Little Bit) Stronger” by Sara Evans

Class Activity:

–           Give everyone 1 minute to dump toward the end of our prayer service so we make sure to have time for everything

–           End with yoga (lay on ground for 3 minutes of peace)


Witness Talk:

A few weeks ago, I was extremely stressed and had a crazy amount of things to accomplish Most of you know I play softball year-round, and most of you probably don’t know that I run cross country too. I got home from my practices one night and had the biggest mental breakdown that you could possibly imagine. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat getting nothing accomplished which made it worse. Until my brother came into my room. I flipped out on him for just wanting to talk to me. That night I ended up falling asleep watching a TV show. I didn’t do any of my work, but the next morning when I woke up, I was inspired to get things done. Something in the TV show subconsciously triggered me to balance time for being productive, sleeping and having “me” time.


Reading from the Scripture:

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30


Opening Prayer: 

Dear Lord, I need you now because I am full of stress and anxiety. I have an unfathomable workload on my shoulders. Reading your Word brings comfort, as I ask you to come and take my heavy burdens. I take each burden, one by one, and lay them at your feet. Please carry them for me so that I don’t have to. Replace them with your humble and gentle yoke so that I will find rest for my soul today. Help me to not have the urge to tune out or avoid the tasks I am supposed to accomplish. Help me to control my emotions, so I do not snap at those whom I love. I thank you from comforting my worries so that I can lie down tonight in peace and sleep. I know that you, Lord, will keep me safe. I am not afraid because you are always with me. Please keep me daily, in your perfect peace. Amen


Closing Prayer:

Dear God, ”What I envy is the way some people seem to glide along, as if exempt from painful experiences like illness, financial worries, family troubles, college applications, sports, a social life and finding time to sleep. Deep down I know that no one’s life is all that perfect. But I still wonder why some people’s days seem to run like a “well-oiled machine,” while my days are all too often, more like a computer with a very bad virus that crashes every five minutes (Guntzelman).”  Please help me to understand that most stress is only temporary and that you will always be there to help guide me in times where I may get distracted from the path I need to be on. Please help me realize you are there for me even when I feel so alone and that I will make it through these rough times. Amen.




Inspirational Reading:

“A Killer to Be Killed”

What is stress and what is strain

All is a matter of human brain.


Stress can be a killer of man

May be in a short time span.

Deserves to be killed by easy means

With will and wit and cosy ways!


Causes of stress may be in plenty

One need not worry even in fifty!


Fear of failure often a cause

Which need not be one well because

Unknown result, unheard melody

Sure to provide us sweetness and joy!


Nature has its stress and strain

Animals have their stress and strain

Machines have their stress and strain

Man has his and why in pain?


Stress is one omnipresent

Easily coped sure by the competent

On the body and on the mind

On the soul and on the intellect

Age and sex, wealth and status

Stress of-course has little respect!


Faith in God, self and people

Fair to all with love and scruple

Thoughts noble and deeds worthy

Happy hobbies and habits healthy

Love for nature, animals and people

Through stress and strain nothing can topple!



For all of those who are stressed about the college application experience. Let them find time for themselves.

Response: Lord, help me remember to breathe.


So that school work, test, projects and extracurricular activities do not get the better of us, we pray

Response: Lord, help me remember to breathe.


To those who have lost a loved one, let them be comforted and be free of stress as a result of that loss.

Response: Lord, help me remember to breathe.


For anyone who is worried about any hidden issues, may they be at ease and find comfort.

Response: Lord, help me remember to breathe.



For the class of 2012 that their journey leads them along a pathway of peace, not stress. We pray to the Lord.

Response: Lord, help me remember to breathe.


Prayer for the People:

Dear Lord, Please take the weight of the world off of those who need it the most. Help us Lord to be less stressed and more focused on ourselves and serving you. Help us to remember that you are always with us and have your guiding wing over us to keep us from falling apart. Please help us to be less stressed with everyday activities and more willing to perform thy Holy will.