April Fools’ Prank Ideas


Maria Welzant, Staff Writer

Ah springtime, the warm sun returns, the birds sing, and a perfect time to show those closest to you how much you care… about pranking them. April Fools’ is just around the corner, and here are some of my favorite ideas for April Fools’ pranks!


  1. Unleash Your Inner Seal

Make a flyer advertising a seal impression contest. On the flyer, make sure to say “call (insert a friend’s phone number) and leave a voicemail with your best seal impression!” Then watch as your friend receives countless voicemails and is extremely confused.

*Note: Ask the friend a few days prior to April Fools’ Day if it’s okay with them if you put their phone number on a flyer (Don’t specify that it’s for the prank, but you shouldn’t give out their phone number without asking them)*

  1. Remembering Vine (RIP)

Whenever someone asks you a question, find a way to quote a vine in your response.



  1. Jell-O (from The Office)

Remember that episode of The Office where Jim puts Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O? Well you can do it too! (Just don’t use anything expensive, any family heirlooms, or that would be destroyed if put in Jell-O)

  1. Surprised by a Celebrity

I have personally been pranked by my sister with this one. Print out a bunch of pictures of a random celebrity. Then cover the person you’re pranking’s room (or locker) with pictures of this celebrity.

  1. Time Travel

Run into a random store and ask the first person you see what year it is. After they tell you 2019, act super excited and yell “Really? I did it! I can’t believe it finally worked!” Then run out of the store. *Note: The person who you ask will probably question your sanity after*


  1. Picture Perfect

Find a funny picture of the person you want to prank. Then, take the picture and send it to one of those companies that make custom T-shirts. Then wear the T-shirt when you see them. Make sure to write a funny caption for the picture!


  1. Happy Birthday!

Go up to someone (whose birthday is not April 1st) and give them a cupcake, a card, and a balloon. Then sing happy birthday to them. When they say that it’s not their birthday, insist that it is.

Most importantly have fun and don’t do anything too crazy this April Fools’ Day! 🙂