Seussical: The ML Musical


Photo courtesy of Reilly White.

Reilly White, Co-Editor

I interviewed two cast members of this year’s middle level musical, Christina Alafassos ’27, and Anne-Harper Linkous ’27, to learn more about their experience as the leads in Seussical Jr. 

Have you been in any other musicals?

Christina: I’ve been the ensemble in Sleeping Beauty, the Do-Do Bird in Alice and Wonderland, the ensemble in Godspell, and I sung Part of Your World in Disney Review.

Anne: I’ve never been in a musical before, but I got rejected from NDP’s last year, and now I’m a lead!

What is your role in the musical?

Christina: I play Horton.

Anne: I play the Cat in the Hat.

What is your favorite part about playing this role?

Christina: I don’t really like his character specifically, but I like my songs, which is good. I also get to sit in an elevated nest during a part of the show, which I’m excited for. I haven’t actually sat in the nest yet because it’s still being built, but I can’t wait.

Anne: My favorite part about playing the Cat in the Hat is definitely the fact that I get to portray so many different personas within the role, as well as having the ability to improvise in interactions with other characters.

If you could play another character, which would you play?

Christina: The Cat in the Hat, because it’s a fun role.

Anne: I would want to play Maisie la Bird, because I’ve always wanted to play a villain, and I think it would be an interesting experience to personate such a vibrant character.

What’s your favorite part about being in the Musical?

Christina: I love singing and being with my friends, so this is the perfect extracurricular for me. I also like to watch it all come together and be part of something bigger than myself.

Anne: I love meeting new people and bonding in a way that cannot be achieved through any other extra curricular.

Do you have any advice about conquering stage fright?

Christina: I honestly don’t because I have stage fright, so it’s going to be hard. However I think practicing in front of others little by little will help.

Anne: This is my first time participating in a musical, so, naturally, stage fright is something I’ve had to combat. However, knowing your lines and songs by heart and practicing a little more every day will definitely make a difference every time you get up on that stage.

Christina, Anne, and the rest of the Suessical cast had an amazing performance this weekend! Congratulations to everyone in the play, especially those who were nervous to perform. Everyone did a great job coming together to execute this lively and worthwhile musical about imagination.