The Gym Meet Spirit is in the Air!

Sydney Burns, Assistant Editor

Festivity is always welcome all year round, especially during the Gym Meet season! Mrs. Robin Albert, NDP’s graphic designer, embraces this time of year by dressing in different class colors during Gym Meet! Sporting the freshman colors of turquoise and yellow, the sophomore colors of cornflower and pink, the junior colors of plum and turquoise, and the senior colors of pink and yellow, Mrs. Albert truly represents the Gym Meet excitement! When I asked Mrs. Albert as to why she does this, she answered, “Any chance I can get to ‘dress’ in theme makes me happy. So, when the idea of dressing in class colors during Gym Meet came to [me], I was instantly excited! Since my job is more ‘behind the scenes,’ this gives me a chance to really connect with the girls and the community!”

Not only does Mrs. Albert dress up in Gym Meet colors, she also dresses up in colors for various other holidays! This includes holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, fall colors for Thanksgiving, dressing up in pastels for Easter week, and wearing class colors for Ring Day and Senior Farewell. This truly shows Mrs. Albert’s spirit for NDP and her creativity in everyday life! Thank you Mrs. Albert for showing your enthusiasm in everything NDP and during the holiday seasons! Although Gym Meet can be chaotic, it is awesome to see great support for all of the classes as they head into the week.