Dance Performance

Here is a little more information about NDP’s Dance Performance


Abby Marinari, Staff Writer

The Dance Performance is a classic NDP tradition that shows off the skills and talent of NDP’s students in the different studies of dance. The performance comprises students taking a dance class as their elective and members of the Dance Company. Headed by Ms. Webber, the dance assembly showcases grace and versatility in terms of the different styles of dance presented. Historically, the Dance Performance demonstrates many different cultural dance styles which the dancers learn to better their understanding of various cultures.

Prior to the Dance Performance is the Dance Assembly which will occur on December 7th with an assembly schedule. The dance assembly is meant to have the rest of the students of NDP the chance to witness and acknowledge the skills of their friends. While both the dance classes and Dance Company are in attendance, there is also the addition of auditioned soloists. Any students who have worked hard on a piece had the chance to audition for a solo particular to this assembly and provide a special treat to the rest of the school.

Overall, the Dance Performance will happen at 7:00 on December 8th. Come support your friends or learn more about different kinds of dance. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to join a class after it!