It’s Time to Warm Up


Katerina Tomazos, Staff Writer

Winter has arrived and with it comes extremely cold weather. While some athletes are thrilled with these temperatures because sports such as skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding, and sledding are making their way into the season, others are dreading these extreme temperatures and are preparing for long days in their homes, not being able to continue doing the amount of physical activity they’re used to. This, however, does not have to be the case. There are plenty of fun physical activities that be done inside your home, while still staying warm. 

  1. Learn Yoga. Yoga is a practice that not only benefits your physical health, but also your mental health. It builds strength throughout the whole body and allows you to become aware of the present moment. The great thing about it is that it’s accessible to all. The only materials you will need are a soft surface and your body. After you have a hold of these two things, the amount of poses and sequences you can learn are endless. Before you know it, you will be downward dogging into spring
  2. Create Your Own HIIT Workout. High intensity interval training, more commonly known as HIIT, is a workout that includes doing an exercise intensely for a certain amount of time and then taking a short break between the intense intervals. This type of workout is perfect for anybody looking to burn off some energy. There is always the option of finding a HIIT workout video online, but there is also the option of creating and personalizing your own workout. All you need to do is choose exercises that you would like to complete and either set the timer on your own device or find a HIIT timer online, and your sweat session can begin.
  3. Have a workout competition. Who doesn’t love winning? If you’re stuck in the house with your siblings and want to get active and have a good time, a workout competition is exactly what you need. Set up a series of physical challenges that will leave you and your opponent sweating to the end. You won’t want to stop until you win and 30 minutes later a whole workout was completed. 

These are only few of the countless amounts of ways you can stay active in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Remember, physical activity can be done anywhere. You just need to turn on your imagination and think outside the box.