Awards Assembly 2020


Credit: Notre Dame Prep Instagram

Brooke Powell, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, May 21, NDP held the annual, highly-anticipated Awards Assembly, albeit a little differently than in past years. Instead of packing every seat in the auditorium, girls and faculty watched from home on a Zoom webinar. Even though we couldn’t celebrate in person, the NDP spirit was very much alive as we all cheered and clapped from the comfort of our own homes.

This year, Cece Cavolo and Jasmin Edrington won the Bene Merenti Award. This award is given to a senior or seniors who have shown an exemplary degree of service to others, both in school activities and in the greater community.

When asked what this award means to her, Cece shared, “It is an honor to receive the Bene Merenti service award, especially beside one of my close friends Jasmin. My service at NDP wouldn’t be possible without my the support of the entire NDP community, especially those involved in CCAP.”

The NDP Medal is awarded to a senior who has shown an exemplary degree of excellence, leadership, cooperation, and school spirit. She has always been a responsible and involved member of the NDP community. This year, we had two winners: Micah Ferguson and Christina Battaglia. Both girls have expressed their joy and gratitude in achieving this award.

“When I think about winning this award, I can’t help but think of my teachers and peers who’ve empowered me to involve myself and step into positions where I’ve been able to grow as a leader. I’m very thankful for them!” — Micah Ferguson

“The joy I felt receiving the NDP Medal was reminiscent of the feeling I had throughout other personal milestones at NDP, like being on the Poster Committee and winning as sophomores after weeks of work and sleepless school nights, helping make our class known as the ‘Poster Class,’ accompanying our class in our Gym Meet songs for the first time and being a part of the senior Song Plaque win, creating a family tradition with my sister by serving Rita’s Ice at Camp Umoja every summer for seven years, being the only student in our class to have been in both Humanities and Parallel classes, winning a CW Project Greenway award three times with my friends, and being the first Music Honor Society President from the NDP String Orchestra.  Winning the NDP Medal felt like a culmination of these moments. I am so beyond honored and grateful for the recognition. ” — Christina Battaglia

The White Blazer Award is the most anticipated award at NDP. It is awarded to one senior who has made a positive influence on her peers and teachers during her four years and has made an impact in the NDP community. She demonstrates the qualities of leadership, good school citizenship and loyalty to Notre Dame to an outstanding degree. This year, our winner was Catherine Kinkopf.

“Currently using a thesaurus to search for synonyms for thankful. None can adequately express the gratitude I have for receiving this award and the love I have for my sisters, my teachers, and my entire NDP family. I am so grateful, so honored, and so blessed to be a part of the community, the sisterhood, and the family that is NDP.” — Catherine Kinkopf

I want to congratulate all of the award winners on their accomplishments! It has truly been an amazing year, even if it isn’t ending the way we expected.