Diving into Eighth Grade Swim Show!


Often times, NDP is recognized for their many different traditions such as Tree Trim, Junior Ring, and, of course, Gym Meet. But there is one, less publicized tradition that not many know about, and, in my opinion, is the best one of all. This tradition is the 8th Grade Synchronized Swim Show. For months the girls prepare in school, after school, and even on some weekends. Mrs. Anton and her mother, Mrs. Maureen, teach the grade stunts, choreograph each routine, and hand-make all of the costumes. Every trick is practiced until it is perfect, and the girls must know their routines like the backs of their hands. I know that it may sound odd to dress up in elaborate costumes and bright makeup, then jump into the pool and do water gymnastics with all of your eighth grade sisters (and let me tell you, it is), but, this event has brought all 54 of us much closer than anyone would believe.

If you sit the 54 girls of the 8th grade class of 2023 down and ask them what their favorite NDP experience has been so far, I am positive that all the girls will say the 8th Grade Synchronized Swim Show. Some girls might say it is their favorite memory because of the hard work that was poured into every hand-made stitch of our costumes, made by Mrs. Anton and Mrs. Maureen. Some may mention the carefully choreographed routines that surprised everyone or maybe they loved our awesome theme for the show, “This One’s for The Girls.” And although the bags full of junk food from Mrs. Maureen were also great, the best part of this experience overall was the way it brought our class together. The people you may not have said “hi” to in the halls became your best friends. The girls you barely knew felt as if they had been with you for your whole life. The group chat for our class was overflowed with paragraphs on how much we loved each other. And after our final bows on Friday evening, we all huddled into the locker room and cried. We cried because our beloved swim show was over and because this was the last time that the “Core 54” would ever perform as a class. One girl from our 8th grade class, Mckenna Monaghan, states, “I think I speak for everyone when I say it [Swim Show] really helped us become closer as a grade, and we were all sad to see it end.” It was a truly a bittersweet moment and it showed us how much we truly love and care for our sisters. And finally, it taught us that this year was truly for the girls. Of course, this sounds absolutely cheesy, but it was true. In the center of that room filled with tears and smeared makeup was an unbreakable sense of sisterhood between us, and it was all thanks to Swim Show.

In conclusion, the NDP Swim Show tradition has not only taught us how to do incredible flips and tricks in the pool and do extravagant stage makeup, but has brought the “Core 54” as sisters together.