Music Monthly: April Fools

Ella Piunti, Staff Writer

Hey, everyone, happy December! The fourth quarter is beginning, and this year is flying by! Even though it is difficult, we all have to remember to stay focused in these last couple of months. Here are ten songs to enjoy this month as Spring begins.

  1. “Fruit Salad”- The Wiggles
    • “Yummy, yummy”
    • This song by the wiggles is a great reminder of what goes in a fruit salad, in case you forgot.
  2. “Be Happy”- Dixie
    • “I do not do my makeup every day, but every day I don’t do my makeup always is the day that the paparazzi comes and finds me, so now I’m getting better at doing it every day”
    • This song is fantastic, a wonderful representation of what it feels to have a TikTok famous sister. I feel like I can truly relate to Dixie after listening to this song.
  3. “The Duck Song”- The Duck
    • “Hey, bum bum bum, got any grapes?”
    • This song is about a duck on his lifelong search for grapes. This song is a big part of my childhood, and I am glad to share it with you all.
  4. “Friday”- Rebecca Black
    • “It’s Friday, Friday”
    • In this song, Rebecca Black sings about how she is excited about the weekend and how she never wants it to end. This is the perfect song to sing on Fridays to annoy your friends and teachers!
  5. “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”- Ylvis
    • “What does the fox say”
    • Hmm, this question lives in the back of my head. All of the other animals have a specific sound, but the fox, we’ll never know.
  6. “Squidward’s Tiki Land”- BUBS
    • “Welcome, TIKI TIKI, Squidward’s Tiki Land, TIKI TIKI”
    • This song is about Squidward and his Tiki Land. As you listen to this song, you are transformed into another world.
  7. “Why You No Love Me”- John Mayer
    • “Why you no will be there?”
    • John Mayer is a great songwriter and it totally does not sound like a toddler wrote this song.
  8. “Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”)”- Arcade Player
    • (Jazzy music plays)
    • This song brings back happy memories of playing Mario Kart with my friends and family. If you are ever in a bad mood, this will perk you right up.
  9. “Despicable Me”- Pharrell Williams
    • “I’m having a bad, bad day”
    • Pharrell Williams totally killed this song for The first Despicable Me movie. When I hear this song, I just feel like there are a bunch of little yellow minions running around me.

Enjoy! Click here to view the playlist on Spotify.