The Best Rom-Coms for February


Maya Mercadante, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again — the time of year when all the single people are reminded that some people have already found their once-in-a-lifetime soulmates while some of us just found out that we have a chemistry test next Monday. As a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and sucker for romantic comedies, I am here to give you some of the best rom-coms available on streaming services today. It doesn’t matter if you watch these movies alone, with your family, or with your “other half” — just make sure it’s a safe space to cry. In no particular order, here are some great rom-coms, where to stream them, about how many times I cried, and who I recommend the movie for.


  • “Candy Jar”
    • Themes: self-exploration and enemies to lovers
    • Where to Stream It: Netflix
    • I cried once during this movie.
    • This movie is definitely for people who love having existential crises and feel out of place in the world. In short, it is a story of two high school debaters who have been life-long enemies until they have to come together to get another award in debate for their college applications to Harvard and Yale.
  • “Five Feet Apart”
    • Themes: forbidden love
    • Where to Stream It: Hulu
    • I cried four times during this movie.
    • I recommend this movie if you just need a good cry, because this movie absolutely broke me. It is about two teens with Cystic Fibrosis who fall in love but can’t get any closer than five feet to each other.
  • “Last Christmas”
    • Themes: self-exploration through love
    • Where to Stream It: HBO Now and Hulu
    • I cried two times during this movie.
    • This movie is about a grumpy woman who has always seen the world negatively. She meets a mysterious man who makes her look at the world differently and helps her make amends with herself and her family. The plot twist in this movie is so insane that it made me stop the movie and cry for ten minutes.
  • “The Last Summer”
    • Themes: living out the best summer you possibly can
    • Where to Stream It: Netflix
    • I cried once during this movie.
    • I feel this movie is very relatable for high schoolers because it’s about several students that try to find love and live out their best summer before going to high school.
  • “When We First Met”
    • Themes: learning from love
    • Where to Stream It: Netflix
    • I cried once during this movie.
    • “When We First Met” is for people who are more into the comedy side of rom-coms. It’s about a guy who meets a girl at a party and wants to fall in love, but three years later she marries someone else. He then travels back in time to fix his mistakes and try to marry her.
  • “Always a Bridesmaid”
    • Themes: finding self-love before true love
    • Where to Stream It: Netflix
    • I cried three times during this movie.
    • This movie is for my girls with commitment issues and girls who love being indecisive. It’s about a girl who always is a bridesmaid at weddings, and when she starts dating, she always has second thoughts.
  • “Crazy Rich Asians”
    • Themes: forbidden love
    • Where to Stream It: HBO max
    • I cry at least five times every time I watch.
    • This is my favorite movie hands down; it is so good that I have no choice but to cry almost every time. A clueless girl travels with her boyfriend back to his hometown for his cousin’s wedding, and while she is there, she learns about his mom who hates her, his past girlfriends, and his crazy rich family. I’m dead serious when I say you have to experience this movie at least once in your life, because the music, the jokes, and the plotline are just amazing.

These movies are ones I highly recommend for the Valentine’s season, no matter what mood you’re in. Happy Valentine’s Day, and if you’re going to cry, make sure it’s over one of these movies.