Holidays with Hallmark!


Emily Gott

Ready for a season full of Hallmark movies.

Emily Gott, Staff Writer

The Christmas season just around the corner. I love this time of the year so much — you get to cozy up with a warm blanket, eat holiday cookies, and watch some iconic Christmas movies. My family loves watching Hallmark movies during this time of the year. We have a Hallmark movie watching pillow, a Hallmark book, and some Hallmark shirts to really get in the spirit. Hallmark movies connect more to the heart of the Christmas season, focusing on family and the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve watched a few movies already and plan to watch a few more. So grab some popcorn, hot chocolate, and a nice warm blanket and get ready to watch these festive Hallmark movies!

First Movie: “Christmas Under Wraps”:

“Christmas Under Wraps” is about a doctor named Lauren Brunell who ends up losing her dream fellowship in Boston.  Instead, she accepts a fellowship in Garland Alaska as her fill-in position until a position in Boston becomes available. She meets a man in the small town of Garland named Andy Holiday and his dad Frank, and falls in love with both Andy and the town. The town, however, is hiding a huge holiday secret. Lauren has to decide whether she will pursue her dream job in Boston or stay in the town she has come to love so much. The romance in this movie is very sweet, and the story is heartfelt and just adorable. Altogether I really liked this movie, and I would definitely recommend watching: “That’s Garland for ya!”

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Second Movie: “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

“Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is about busy single mom Jennifer Cullen whose overwhelming tasks have taken the joy out of the holidays. Then, her Uncle Ralph arrives home with his handsome friend (who he met on the plane) Morgan Derby. Morgan loves Christmas, while Jen glumly navigates through the holidays. Jen quickly realizes that what she’s missing is right under her nose. While this wasn’t my favorite of the Hallmark movies I watched this year, I enjoyed the humor, and if you like romantic comedies, this movie is right for you!

Available on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV.

Third movie: “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas”

Noelle, a shoe addict, accidently gets locked in the department store she works at during a snowstorm. While in the store, she meets a woman who identifies herself as Noelle’s “guardian angel” and provides Noelle glimpses into her past with each shoe change.  While all of this is happening, she meets a handsome firefighter named Jake who is supposed to help Noelle with the Christmas gala.  While it was a little bumpy in the beginning, the plot ends with a classic Hallmark love story.  Personally, I really liked this movie. I found the concept very different from other Christmas movies I’ve watched. It was creative and the romance between Jake and Noelle was very cute. I loved the guardian angel concept and the character herself. Overall, I really liked this movie, and I would definitely recommend watching it!

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Fourth movie: “The Sweetest Christmas”

Struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson learns she has made it into the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition and is determined to win in order to help launch her new café. However, the oven she is supposed to use to help her win the contest breaks down. She reaches out to her high school ex-boyfriend Nick Mazannti, who owns a pizza restaurant, to use one of his ovens. He says yes, but as they reminisce about their dreams during high school, something unexpected happens. Out of the four movies I’ve watched, this one was definitely my favorite. I really like the concept of the movie and the romance was sweet. I love baking cookies and Christmas movies, so a combination of both was creative and right up my alley. The gingerbread houses were absolutely beautiful! If you love both Christmas movies and baking movies, then I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

For so many years, the Hallmark channel has always been on at my house, especially during the holiday season. These Hallmark movies will make you laugh, cry, and smile, and get you excited for the Christmas season. From my family to yours, we wish you a lovely holiday season.