Must-Watch Disney Halloween Movies!


Halloween in Disney.

Emily Gott, Staff Writer

Disney has so many amazing movies for each holiday. If you are in the mood for a laugh, cry, or even a small jump or scare, you should watch these 10 Halloween movies.  This list includes a few of my favorites as well as recommendations from friends and family.  So, grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready to watch these awesome movies!

10: “The Scream Team”

A family returns to the town of Steeple Falls after the death of their grandfather. Brother and sister Ian and Claire share some heartfelt memories, but their father just wants to get back to the city. Ian discovers that his grandfather’s soul has been unable to cross over from the living world, and he follows a ghostlike spirit to the local “Soul Retrieval Center.” He teams up with Claire and ghost friends Ed, Jumper, and Mariah to rescue their grandfather from the evil clutches of Zachariah Kull. This movie focus on issues like death, and even though this movie has lots of friendly ghosts, this movie may be scary for younger kids.

9: “Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire”

This movie finds Adam Hansen grounded but desperate to attend a festival with his friends. To distract his mom, Adam and his sister, Chelsea, set their mom on a date with a mysterious stranger. When younger brother Taylor discovers the man is a vampire, the siblings ask for the help of a local vampire hunter.

8: “Mickey’s House of Villains”

Mickey and friends battle a pack of Disney’s wickedest villains from Cruella De Vil to Ursula. This movie is composed of several older short cartoons, combined with scenes from a new story that unfolds on Halloween night at Mickey’s House of Mouse Nightclub. Most of the shorts are innocent friendly tales, while some others can be a bit creepy. I personally find this movie quite funny and enjoyable.

7: “Twitches Too”

This Disney Channel Original reunites Alex and Camryn who are adjusting to their new identities as princesses of the magical kingdom of Coventry. The sisters must settle into the new reality of their double existences having recently freed their realm from a dark presence — but it appears that their past actions have not closed the door to Coventry at all. These movies offer some great life lessons, and I know that friends have enjoyed this movie and I hope you will, too! Just make sure you’ve watched the first movie, listed below, before you dive into this one.

6: “Twitches”

Based off of the book series by the same name, “Twitches” is about twin girls separated at birth and adopted. The twins, Alex and Camryn, run into each other on their 21st birthday and realize that they are not only twins, but also princesses from another dimension called Coventry. They have magical powers with which they must save Coventry from the evil clutches of “The Darkness.” This movie has some scary scenes but is overall an enjoyable adventure.

5: “Halloweentown”

Thirteen-year-old Marine Cromwell’s life changes forever when she finds out she’s a witch. It’s Halloween night and Marine really wants to go out, but her overprotective mother Gwen doesn’t let her kids celebrate the holidays. When Grandma Angie shows up with candy, costumes, and a big secret, Marnie is propelled into an exciting adventure.  A dark force is haunting Halloweentown, where Grandma Angie lives and Gwen was raised. Gwen doesn’t want anything to do with witches and magic, so she sends Angie back to Halloweentown, but Marnie decides to follow with her brother Dylan and her sister Sophie. This movie is one of my personal favorites and I think you will enjoy it, too.

4: “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This movie is a classic and one of the best Disney movies to watch during both Halloween and Christmas. Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, is a creature who is to Halloween what Santa is to Christmas. He tires of throwing another fright night for the sketchy members of Halloweentown. He wanders away from town one night and lands himself in Christmastown, where he is immediately fascinated. He is now more determined than ever to bring Christmas to Halloweentown, but his plans do not go smoothly. Christmas and Halloween do not translate, as they are completely different. I know friends who absolutely love this movie, and I hope you and I get a chance to watch it this Halloween!

3: “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie”

This movie technically isn’t a Halloween movie, but what’s more Halloween than witches, warlocks, and magic? In this movie the Russo family heads on a vacation to the Caribbean that gets interrupted by a magical mishap that threatens to unwrap the Russo family itself. The chance to revisit where parents Jerry and Theresa met is a dream come true, and they hope that their three kids, Justin, Max, and Alex, love it, too. Alex is tired of spending so much “quality time” with her family, and she accidently casts a spell that changes the past and leaves her parents strangers. To try and set things right, Alex and Justin put their bickering aside to team up to recreate their family. This movie is one of my family’s favorites, and if you love the show, you will love the movie!

2: “The Haunted Mansion”

Inspired by the Disney ride The Haunted Mansion, Jim Evers and his wife Sarah receive a call from a mysterious stranger about selling their mansion just outside of town. When they arrive at the mansion, a storm rolls in, forcing the family to stay overnight as guests in the household of Edward Gracey, and his spooky butler Ramsey. When the doors slam shut, the family must solve the mystery of the spooky mansion before they can all leave together. This movie is another one of my family’s favorites, and whether you know the ride or not, you should definitely watch this movie!

1: “Hocus Pocus”

“Hocus Pocus” is a classic, and my family’s favorite and first choice of Halloween movies! Three hundred years ago in Salem, three witches take in the soul of a little girl named Emily and curse her older brother, Thackery, by turning him into an immortal cat. The witches, better known as the Sanderson Sisters, are hanged for the crime, but just before their sentence is carried out, Winnie Sanderson casts a spell to bring them back on a future Halloween night. When high schooler Max lights a black flame candle, he brings the sisters back. Max, his sister Dani, his crush Allison, and Thackery do their best to outwit, outrun, and outlast the witches. If you love a good witch story, this movie is a definite watch for you!