TV Renewals and Cancellations 2014-2015!

Maeve Sheehey, A & E Writer

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As summer approaches, so do the inevitable TV season finales. The big question, though, is whether our favorite shows will be renewed or cancelled for the 2014-2015 year. Whether you were hooked in by ABC’s unfortunately short-lived Back in the Game or beginning the fifth season of Glee this September, you are probably pretty excited (and nervous) to see next year’s TV listings.

It isn’t uncommon for shows to be cancelled in their first seasons, and this shows pretty clearly with ABC’s Betrayal and Back in the Game, NBC’s Camp, Ironside, Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show, FOX’s Raising Hope and Rake, and many others. “It was sad to see our new show end, but really great that we were able to show Wonderland at all. Overall, this season was a pretty great experience,” said Edward Kitsis, a writer of ABC’s cancelled Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Not all first-season programs have failed to get off the ground, though! Some newbie TV series renewed for a second season are Mom, Graceland, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Other series have been on the air for a few years, or even, in FOX’s The Simpsons’ case, twenty-five. This loved series has been renewed for a twenty-sixth season and will air again this coming September. Two and a Half Men has also been renewed for its eleventh season on CBS, and Law and Order: SVU is renewed for a twelfth! Other long-lived TV shows, such as Psych and How I Met Your Mother, have not been so lucky, and recently aired their series finales after seven and nine seasons. “We’re going to go out on a good note,” Psych’s James Roday told reporters. “We don’t want to drag the series out, no matter how hard it is to end it.” Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother certainly had a unique reaction to his show being cancelled, as well. “We wanted to shock people,” he explained about the series finale. “A lot of people hated it. They just hated the ending. I feel that it’s a compliment to the show in a weird way.”

Overall, the 2014-2015  TV scorecard may be missing one or two of our favorite shows, but there is no doubt in my mind that next year’s television season is to be extremely successful.


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