Economics Products!

Economics is a very interesting class here at NDP. It gives girls a chance to learn about business and time management, how to deal with money and get their creative juices flowing. Every year the economics girls design and create a product for sale to the students and faculty. This year it is cup it up vs. kanga pouches! The cup it up class has been a little more on top of their production of the cups than the pouch class has been. However, the cup it up class has a slightly easier task of completing than the kanga pouches, as they require sewing. The cups come in eight different colors and optional stickers to design and customize with initials and slogans. Cup it ups are $8 for one or $15 for two. It is a great idea to buy two with a friend and save money!  The kanga pouches are a lined pencil pouch or makeup bag that is available in four designer patterns. There are large pouches and small pouches, the larger ones are called kangas and the smaller ones are called joeys. The kanga pouches have recently become available for purchase, and it will be interesting to see which product will sell more. There will be ads for both economics projects on the Gateway sometime next week!

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