War of the Networks

Vida Young, Student Life Editor

Today, social networking sites exist all over the internet and are one of the most popular ways for people all over the world to connect. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are three social networking sites that are popular at NDP in particular. If the sites are used properly, they can be beneficial to companies and other users. The sites can also be beneficial for students and teenagers with some thinking ahead. Privacy settings on all three sites help to create safer experience for its users and their information. Facebook is a site where users can post pictures, write statuses, create a profile for themselves and chat with other users. Twitter is a site dedicated to “tweeting” about one’s life and what is going on, where an audience avid to listen is available. Tumblr is a blogging site used for posting pictures, videos, and writing. All three sites are used by NDP students, but the most popular is Facebook. Twenty-five girls volunteered to participate in a survey about their favorite social networking site. Of this group, 48% of the girls said Facebook, 24% said twitter and 2% said Tumblr; Facebook was clearly the favorite. Most of the girls who voted for Facebook were freshmen and sophomores, girls who voted for Twitter were either juniors or seniors, and girls who voted for Tumblr were either sophomores or juniors. A pattern is visible between the grades, and what is popular or most beneficial for the age group. During high school, Facebook reaches its peak freshman year due to the fact that girls are in the process of making new friends within the grade. During sophomore year and junior year, girls tend to lean more towards self-discovery and expression, which is easy through Tumblr and Twitter. During junior and senior year, girls begin to understand themselves and what they believe about life and situations, which is why Twitter may be so popular among these grades. Although Facebook is the victor, Twitter and Tumblr among other social networking sites are quickly spreading trends in the NDP community.

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