Dodge for Love

Jenny Schindler

The second annual Dodge for Love event will be held this Saturday, February 4 in the new gym to collect money for NDP’s beloved Yeardley Love Reynolds turf field. Last year was the first year the fundraiser was held, and it was a huge success and a lot of fun. The tournament costs $10 a person, and there must be eight people on each team. Last year there was a total of twenty seven teams which means over two hundred people played dodge ball while around a hundred more paid $5 to watch the event.  The total money raised last year was around $3,000, which was a great way to start off savings for the field. Yeardley Love t-shirts and stickers have also been wildly popular in the NDP community, which has raised another $3,000 towards the cause.

Although the Dodge for Love tournament was extremely popular last year, it is even more so in 2012. This year there are fifty-seven registered teams and over four hundred t-shirts have been ordered. There are over four hundred fifty people playing in the tournament and two hundred fifty watching. Altogether the amount of money that has been raised this year is around $7,000, making it almost a double amount of money from last year. The Dodge for Love dodge ball tournament is a fun way that the NDP community can come together while raising money for a great cause. This event will become one of the many traditions at NDP, and it will help to keep the spirit of Yeardley alive forever.


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