A Guide to Beating Bus Blues


Mary Lorenz, Staff Writer

Many NDP girls will be embarking on the annual music adjudication with suitcases, instruments, and snacks in tow. This year’s trip to Toronto provides a challenge in the lengthy bus ride to get there. Read on for a guide to surviving such a journey.

  1. Make sure everything is packed and you know where it is. There is nothing worse than a sinking feeling that you forgot something or simply can’t find it. Keep your essential belongings (phone, passport, money, wallet) for easy access and peace of mind.
  2. Get a bus buddy. The trip is always better if you can share it. Plan to sit with a friend you can share music, snacks, and pillows with.
  3. Food! Stops at restaurants can seem chaotic and rushed so having plenty of snacks on the bus is imperative. Plus, you get to pick your favorites.
  4. Wear comfy clothes. It will be early and cold in the morning, not to mention you’ll be sitting all day. Wear sweats that you are comfortable in to make the trip more enjoyable.
  5. Coordinate with friends. Often, it is possible to share snacks, movies, books, and more with friends on your bus. Find out who is on your bus and divide it all up! Also, make an effort to get to know the people you don’t know as well better. You’ll come back with even more friends!