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Blazer Dash 2018

An Interview with Mrs. Osmeyer and Mrs. Sheehey

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Mackenzie Alderson, Staff Writer

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As many of you know, a special event is coming up on the NDP calendar. One event that is different from the others, and one of the most exciting. It’s Blazer Dash, Notre Dame Prep’s Annual Run to raise funds for scholarships. In order to get a different perspective on this beloved event, I interviewed the two women in charge of it — Mrs. Osmeyer and Mrs. Sheehey.

What is the Blazer Dash?

Mrs. Osmeyer: The Blazer Dash is our annual run to help fund our endowed scholarships here at NDP. I believe it’s the 23rd annual, so we’ve been doing this for quite some time.

Mrs. Sheehey: And through those funds, it allows girls who might not otherwise be able to come to school here do so, and it also honors girls who have come here that left us way too soon.

So that’s what makes the Blazer Dash special?

Mrs. Osmeyer: That, and it’s fun!

Mrs. Sheehey: It’s one of those things you can do where there’s just no pressure.

Mrs. Osmeyer: You can run, you can walk, you can face-paint, you can jump around in the Moon Bounce, it’s just a way for us all to be together, out of uniform.

Mrs. Sheehey: It’s a good way to start your Sunday.

What makes this event different than other fundraisers?

Mrs. Sheehey: One thing that makes the Dash different is that you get something out of it — you get a real sense of comradery spending time with your sisters, and it’s fun for the teachers because we get to see you all in a different environment, and I think it’s fun for you all to see your teachers acting like goofballs in their running clothes. And you also get an awesome t-shirt out of the deal, plus EXERCISE.

Mrs. Osmeyer: And we’re done by 11:00am, so you still have the whole day ahead of you

Mrs. Sheehey: And now we have a casual Mass at the end of the run, and it’s just such a neat way to get together and share a special moment, and feeling really good after it too.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Blazer Dash?

Mrs. Osmeyer: I’m the alumnae director, and the girls who have passed away are alumnae, so that’s how it became my event.

Mrs. Sheehey: And I LOVE working with Mrs. Osmeyer, so when I heard they needed someone I jumped at the chance because it’s one of those rare times you can volunteer and have a blast doing it.

Mrs. Osmeyer: And it’s so important to the families of those girls, they come back every year and see that their daughters are remembered by the students who are here today, and that they won’t be forgotten, and this means so much to them.

Mrs. Sheehey: In fact, I think we have some current connections attending the school currently, and these connections are so important. We’ve got Natassia Irizarry, we know her grandmother, who is such a sweet woman. And it’s really amazing, here’s this woman who’s had this horrific loss, something I can’t even fathom, but she finds a way to bring joy to other people. And the other girl is Trina Page, an eighth-grader this year, and her aunt also passed away too soon. And they come back each year, and I think it’s such a cool connection that binds us all together.


Be sure to come run for our girls on Sunday, September 30th, rain or shine, from 8:00am to 11:00am. Be there or be square!



Credit: Notre Dame Prep Facebook


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  1. Tom Peri on September 30th, 2018 4:21 am

    Great article Mackenzie. Blazer Dash touches everything special about NDP. We remember and honor a group of special alumnae in maybe the most special way possible, helping awesome girls become part of our community. That legacy continues to make ripples in the world that are as amazing as they are profound. Thanks Mrs. O. And Mrs. S. for the love you put into the Dash!

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Blazer Dash 2018