Penny Queen 2016!


Laurel Burns

The sophomores at their Penny Queen table selling tickets for their raffle baskets!

Sydney Burns, Staff Writer

The week of humorous costumes and plentiful donations finally arrived! Penny Queen week here at NDP is an annual tradition that creates abundant excitement that echoes throughout the halls. This week was full of bake sales, restaurant nights, and raffle baskets, all in the effort of raising money for the children in El Salvador and for Camp Umoja. It is such an appreciable cause and a wonderful opportunity to give back to people in need.

This year, the freshman Penny Queen was Brooke Sisk. Brooke held raffles and sold donuts and candy as well. Her costumes included a hippie and a doctor. At lunch, she sold “Chick Fil A” and pizza. There was even a “guess how much candy” contest. It is very evident that Brooke had so much fun during Penny Queen week and did a wonderful job for the freshman class.

The sophomore Penny Queen, Sarah Sudano, planned many restaurant nights and raffle baskets to sell at lunch. The restaurants included were Nalley Fresh, Fusion, and the Green Turtle! She even had a presidential pasta party to acknowledge Election Day 2016 on Tuesday Night, and it was a success!. She gave away baskets during lunch as well, which included white tee shirts, spa items, Lululemon products, and gift cards to various stores. Sarah’s idea of the pasta party showcased how committed she was to raising money for the Class of 2019.

The junior Penny Queen, Mary Tadeo, dressed up in hilarious costumes, including Hillary Clinton and Shrek. She held restaurant nights at the Manor Tavern and Casey’s. They had Towson Hot Bagels three mornings that week. The store “Liza Byrd Boutique” supported Penny Queen week, which was a very generous act of kindness! Mary was the Class of 2018’s Penny Queen last year, and she did an even greater job this year!

The senior Penny Queen, Caroline Kelly, held restaurant nights at Nalley Fresh, Baskin Robbins, and Earth, Wood, and Fire. She even had a yoga night on Thursday evening. During lunch, they sold chips and salsa and acai bowls. Finally, she sold multiple baskets, including a “Maryland Basket” and a “Preppy Basket.” As a dare, people paid money to put Vaseline in her hair, and it shows her creativity and spirit during Penny Queen Week!

Sarah Sudano, Sophomore Penny Queen reflected on what the best part of Penny Queen was to her. She replied, saying, “The best part of Penny Queen is getting my other classmates involved. It is a great bonding experience, and it’s also rewarding to know that we are helping our sister school in El Salvador!” As evident, all of the Penny Queens tried their best in raising money for their class. But it isn’t about winning; it is about the sincere donation to the children of El Salvador and for Camp Umoja. Penny Queen is a time to gather together as a class and reflect on what it truly means to give, more than to receive.