Clubs: A Game of Pick and Choose

Sydney Burns, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! The part of the year where every student is scrambling to find a club that is perfect for her, but with little success. But look no further! The club fair here at NDP is a great place to find a variety of clubs that fit many interests. You could be interested in science, medicine, books, and so much more and find an awesome club for you!

Now we all know that finding a club is very important. It expands your social circle, while providing a meaningful experience to share with others. This year, the Club Fair took place on October 4th and 5th, and it was a huge success! It included clubs such as our very own Gateway, Student Alumnae Leadership Club, PAW, and STARS! There have been new clubs that have been added to the list as well including Cultural Awareness Club and the Therapeutic Painting Club. These clubs are so much fun, and they can give you more insight on your various interests.

When asked about the importance of clubs, Darby Severe, Class of 2019, replied, “It gets you more involved in the school, and you can meet new people and discover new interests.” Also, when asked about why students should attend the Club Fair, Sarah Eberle, Class of 2019, replied, “They can learn about the different opportunities at NDP and see what piques their interests.”

So don’t be afraid to join a club and talk to new people! Who knows, maybe you will discover a new interest or hobby that you didn’t even know you had! Whether it’s a new club or a continuing club, all of them are important to your lives. Even if you missed the Club Fair, there are still many opportunities available to you. Reach out to a club leader and ask if you can join. There is always time to join a club and create a lifetime of memories.