What is a Dog’s Purpose?


Image via youtube.com

Sydney Burns, Staff Writer

We always hear that dogs are a man’s best friend. But there is one thing we always wonder: What do dogs think about? Do they understand us? A Dog’s Purpose is a heart-felt and warming movie that gives a view into a dog’s mind. This movie goes on the journey of five different dogs, all in the point of view of one soul. It goes through the multiple lives that one soul led and sought to answer the question of what a dog’s true purpose was.

Through all of the lives that were led, it was hard not to get attached to every single one. Each story of the dog was unique and touched me in all ways. The stories were perfectly portrayed and never failed to play with my emotions. The progression of the story was perfectly timed, spending just the right amount of time on each life. It captured key moments between dog and man, each more touching than the next. I struggled to hold back my tears as they welled up, as the movie was very well-crafted in order to send a tear-provoking response.

The most touching relationship in my eyes was between the little boy, Ethan, and the golden retriever, Bailey. The connection between this boy and this dog was unbelievable. Ethan’s parents were at first hesitant to let Ethan have a dog, but soon enough the dog and boy were inseparable. This truly reminded me of how a dog-human relationship is just like every other relationship, maybe even closer than a human relationship.

Even after I watched this film, I couldn’t help but think about my own dogs differently. I truly believe that they can understand me, and can guess what I am thinking even before I say it. This movie was very personal to me in this aspect, and it left me wondering: Do all dogs strive to find a purpose? Have they found it? All lovers of dogs, and who enjoy a sentimental film, will have their hearts strings pulled at as they view this touching film.