6 Ideas for Halloween Group Costumes with a Twist

Meg Zink, Co-Editor

Halloween. Every year it sneaks up on us and suddenly you need to come up with some new idea for a costume. It can be hard whether you are dressing up by yourself or in a group. This year I am hoping to help some of those who need some fresh ideas for costumes.

One way to think about costumes is by looking around you. One thing that seems to always be around me is school. So now let’s talk about costumes based on school subjects if you are in a group.


If you love history….

Then dress up like the Founding Fathers: They were a stylin’, intelligent, patriotic group of guys. Everyone would know exactly who you were, and there are plenty of them to go around.

founding fatherswww.somegif.com

If you love English….

Then dress up like characters from Edgar Allen Poe stories. They are creepy, and there are plenty of them. You could be the Raven, the Man in the Red Mask (“The Masque of Red Death”), or you can even be Edgar himself. This type of costume would be a very good Baltimorean costume.


If you love Math….

Then dress up like the Order of Operations. You can be a plus sign, a parentheses, or even an exponent. This is a great way to pay homage to the operations that help us out in all of our math classes.


If you love Science….

Then dress up like Chemistry tools. You can be an Erlenmeyer flask, a Bunsen burner, or even a scoopula. This would be a good ode to your favorite subject.


If you love Languages,

Then dress up like famous landmarks around the world. You could be the Eiffel Tower, Macchu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, or the Coliseum. A very internationally aware idea for a costume.


If you love Religion,

Then dress up like characters in Noah’s Ark. You could be a giraffe, a lion, or even Noah himself. Plenty of costume options for everyone.


I hope this helps those who are in need of costume. If not, at least they have given you a good laugh (which is what it’s really supposed to do).