World-Wide Refugee Crisis


Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

A Syrian family who fled to Lebanon, and are now living as a family of ten in an unexpected, confined space.

Haley Dick, Editor-in-Chief

It is evident that the world is in a time of great conflict and misguidance. The problem is rooted in Syria, where the long-lasting civil war is taking place. Bombs are dropping, raids are occurring, and thousands of innocent civilians are forced to flee their homes, or worse, face death and extreme violence for no legitimate reason. Not only are basic human rights being neglected entirely, but the resources that the Syrians have access to are constantly decreasing in numbers through destruction and greed.

The refugees that are being forced to flee their country due to violence and the denial of their basic rights as humans are not having much luck in the countries to which they are fleeing. Sometimes they are met with extreme violence and torture before they even leave their country, and oftentimes, they will arrive at their destination, and that place will not have enough financial support or resources to sustain the number of refugees that are trying to enter it.

As gruesome and devastating as it is, the fact is that not all of the refugees safely complete the journey to their destination of hope. If they are caught trying to escape, they are immediately shot and killed, or captured and forced to fight for the regime, and families experience detrimental and unjustified loss like never before. The sad part is that most of the Syrian refugees are under the age of 18, and being forced to grow up a lot sooner than expected due to the horrifying circumstances.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for refugees to overcome is the language barrier when entering a new country. It is often the main setback that prevents them from getting a job, and simply communicating with the people that are living around them. While most of the countries in the world are trying to aid the refugees as much as they can, the problems lie in the amount of resources and financial support that countries have readily available to them. Some countries have made efforts by establishing refugee camps to attempt to house the refugees, but disease and overpopulation have caused problems in that effort. Most people tend to think that all refugees live in camps, but that is not the case. There are some refugee families that make enough money to barely cover their rent, but are somehow able to provide their families with a do-able living arrangement. As Pope Francis kindly exclaimed in his address to the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 25, 2015 in New York City, all humans have the right to live, and do not deserve to have their human rights withheld from them. It is up to the courageous countries of the world, including the United States, to put their best foot forward, and welcome as many of the refugees into their countries as financially and logically possible.