Top Five Songs Review

Ashley Surock, Editor of the Opinion

I know you’re wondering what the top five pop songs on itunes are! Well, guess what? I’m here to tell you what they are. I bet they’re pretty obvious to the common music listener, but to all of those who don’t keep up with the hottest new music, then this article pertains to you.

Of course, number one on the charts is a One Direction song called Live While We’re Young. I never heard it before, so while writing my weekly article, I listened to it, and MAN is it catchy. Coming in number two is Red, by Taylor Swift.  Taylor seems to always be on the top five; she’s one popular gal among the NDP community. I always seem to hear her music playing on someone’s laptop once a day. In third place by PSY is Gangnam style; the newest and hottest Korean song and dance. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was Gangnam styling at AA. In Fourth place is Die Young by Kesha.  I listened to this one as well when writing this article, and it really pumped me up. I suggest listening to this on a Friday night before you hit the town with your friends. Last but not least is….One More Night by Maroon 5. This is a great, catchy, and easy to learn song!

In my opinion, if I had to choose the top five pop songs of Itunes I would not have picked these songs. But, hey, I guess it’s what the people like. So to conclude this article, I made a survey of the five songs listed above, and would appreciate your vote to see which song the NDP community likes.

Xoxo gossip girl,

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